Design Kids in the Papers!

Rose | 19.12.2018 | News, D.I.Y.

Berlin newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” invited the Design Kids to show three last-minute Christmas things to do on their children´s page:

Chocolate Santas always look the same. What if Santa had a green beard for a change, or was a woman or let’s say an alien? You decide when you make your own chocolate creature! All you need is a ready-made Santa, aluminium foil and waterproof markers. Unwrap you Santa, cut out a rectangle of the same size out of aluminium foil and then draw your own creature on it. Rewrap in your new design and surprise your family with a Santa in disguise!

You can use the leftover foil to give somebody else a Christmas outfit!





At Christmas time lots of leaflets from shops and supermarkets come through the mailbox. Use them to make your own cool Washi Tape with. All you need is good adhesive tape and not too glossy leaflets. Stick the tape on the bits you like, press down really hard and then PULL!

Homemade cookies are a great Christmas present. But often they do not survive the journey in the post. What if you send them by e-mail, by making an animation with them? You need cookies, a coloured paper as a background and an animation app on a phone or tablet. Arrange your cookies on the page and take a photo every time you move them. Put all your images together in your animation program and export the finished clip to send via e-mail to your favourite far-away people.

Here comes the Cookie-Clip of the Design Kids – I wish you “Frohes Fest!” (= “Happy Holidays” in German)

And what have you made? If you want to see your design on this website, send me a photo of it!