Rose Epple, a.k.a. Rose Apple, is an internationally acclaimed designer, curator, author and design educator. You can find all about her work on

If you want to teach design skills, explore topics from a child’s perspective or have other ideas for working with children, please get in touch. I am happy to conceive and put into practice workshops, publications or products for and with children.

Children are my favourite project partners. Together we have designed everyday items in a weekly Design-It-Yourself Club, created a school yearbook, tested Design Thinking methods in a school and invented things in the museum.

Why I think practising design is a valuable cultural skill for kids, is spelled out in my manifesto. But I have another motivation for designing with kids. That is my endless curiosity about what they will produce. What are they dreaming of, what do they really need and what ideas do they have for everyday problems of our world?

Kids’ creativity does not have to be just an end in itself or a vehicle to impart knowledge, but we adults can actually learn something from them!